How do I Purchase CDs from Artist Unlimited ?

You can purchase CDs from Artist Unlimited by contacting us or visiting our eRetailors listed on this webpage.  Please let us know if you have any issues accessing any of our e-Retailers listed below.

To find music produced by Artist Unlimited and Juan Manuel and Friends, visit:

What is Juan Manuel working on now?

Juan Manuel is currently performing with the College of the Mainland Jazz Band, writing new music and developing musical partnerships and ideas.

How do I contact to share musical ideas or be considered for music related work?

Contact Rosalyn Manahan to arrange an audition via

How can we contact Juan Manuel ?

To contact Juan Manuel, you can email him directly by selecting the following link:

What is Madre Querida ?

Madre Querida translates to English as "Beloved Mother".  This song written and sung by Juan Manuel for his Mother can be found on the Inspired by Angels CD, song #9, CD, song #9.  To sample this song, you can visit

Juan Manuel is also working on a project to put music to poems written by his mother.  The project is progressing and is very inspiring.  Some of the poems were written over 80 years ago.