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Juan Manuel is a classical, flamenco, jazz guitarist/composer and singer who has been sharing his talent for over 20 years.  Juan Manuel was born in Bogota, Colombia, and has lived in the USA since the age of nine.  He is a member of the National and Latin Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences, Inc. (NARAS and LARAS), best known for the Grammy's.  Juan Manuel is also a software engineer for SAIC assigned at NASA to support the International Space Station (ISS) program.

Artist Unlimited would like to acknowledge Juan Manuel for being selected as one of the University of Houston - Clear Lake 2012 Distinguished Alumni.  When we asked Juan Manuel how he felt about this award, he responded as follows:

"I am humbled and honored to receive this award, the University of Houston - Clear Lake has over 55,000 Alumni, to be selected as a distinguished alumni is a great honor.  I will treasure this award as long as I live and promise work hard represent this community".

To listen/purchase music by Juan Manuel/Artist Unlimited, please visit any of the following links:

bullet Amazon.com
bullet MSN Music
bullet TradeBit
bullet Yahoo.com

Juan Manuel released the following 2 CDs on February 14, 2005 (Valentines Day).  These CDs were considered for nomination in 3 categories of the 2005 Latin Grammy's, and 3 categories of the 2006 Grammy's.  To listen/purchase/review the CDs, please select the following hot links.

bulletBorn to Fly, a tribute to former Astronaut, Gordon Cooper
bullet Live! from Montreux, a live performance recorded during the 2001 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. 

Age of Innocence was released on March 31, 2004, was considered for nomination in 5 categories both the 2004 Latin Grammy's and the 2005 Grammy's.  This CD contains all original arrangements by Juan Manuel with the exception of song #2, It's Oh So Luscious, written by Mary Elizabeth Morrow.   Read the July 2004 Egret magazine article about Juan Manuel and his music.

Juan Manuel's CD entitled "JuansMusic.com" was considered for nomination in the 2003 Latin Grammy Awards.  The "Inspired by Angels" CD was considered for nomination in 4 categories of the 2002 Latin Grammy's, and 5 categories of the 2003 Grammy's. 

Juan Manuel and band performed at the 35th Annual Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland on July 14, 15 & 16, 2001.  He also recently completed the guitar work for a Time-Life/PBS special. 

Juan Manuel has released 11 music CDs.  The "Liberation" CD flew 3.25 million miles into space traveling at an average of 18,000 miles per hour during the last Space Shuttle mission of 1999 and in January 2003 mission. 

Juan Manuel's music CDs has reached over 30 countries and has received positive reviews from:

    · The Los Angeles Jazz Scene Magazine (read review1) (read review2) (read review3)
    · AllAboutJazz.com National Internet Magazine (read review1) (read review2)
    · Al Otro Lado (Radio Program in Spain)
    · Netmio.com National Internet Magazine (read review)
    · Egret Magazine - University of Houston - Clear Lake (read review)

Juan Manuel has worked with several internationally renowned artists including Shelly Berg, Larry Slezak, David Caceres, Keith Vivens, Tom Cummings, Bill Watrous, Ed Shaunessy, and many others.

Juan Manuel has been performing live to various audiences ranging from 2 to 200,000 in size.  He has performed for private as well as public events throughout various cities of the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe including:

    · The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland
    · Heineken and MP3.com Summer Live Tour
    · State Fair of Texas in Dallas
    · PBS’ Weeknight Edition and Telemundo's Buenos Dias Houston 
    · NASA’s Annual American Heritage Week
    · University of Houston’s Annual International Festivals

Juan Manuel’s talents also include acting, having appeared in local, national and international film productions such as Disney's "Rocketman," Telemundo's "El Vicio de Vivir," and Niha Mad Films Combine's "Prithvi" (India).

"I personally want to thank all the musicians, friends and family that have contributed to my music and my life.   There are so many people that I am so grateful for their sacrifice, generosity and contribution:  First and foremost, Jesus Christ for His unconditional love, support, and inspiration.  My family for always believing in me, my wife and children for inspiring and giving me opportunities to be creative.  The following musicians, engineers, artists and friends:  David Brooks, Daniel Rojas, Emilio Grijalba, Vilma Moreno, Shelly Berg, Larry and Joe Slezak, David Caceres, Anthony Sapp, Jose Miguel Yamal, Greg Lloyd, John Clay, Carl Napoli, Kevin Bomar, Michael Calderon, Chris Howland, Tom Cummings, Rankin Peters, Keith Vivens, Sal Gonzalez, Marcus Dawson, Buzz Smith, John Staehely, Suzanne Bucher, Mary Elizabeth Morrow, Richard Carlson, Les Williams, Marjorie Robertson, Tollie Pierce, Kaye Garner, Vanessa Beene, Cindy and Katie Crosson, Sue Rickard, Russell Buldoc, Bill Keidel, Renita Ahasteen, Jack Opatrney, Steve and Mary Glenn, John Mulvahill, Sheryl Hausinger, Chris and Holly Perry,  Norberto y Yolanda Traslavina, Patricia Grass, Carlos Gonzalez Rimbau, Kelly Taylor, Walt Pinkston, Jonathan Barg, Cindy Lopez, Cindy Dicosimo, Liliana Alvarez, Michael G., Brent Angle, Charlie Lair, and all my friends at SAIC and JSC/NASA, too many to name."   Juan Manuel

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